THE BRIDE OF CHRIST has been published four times per year by Lutheran Liturgical Renewal, Inc., a non-profit society of evangelical catholics who have united to recall the Evangelical Lutheran Church to the position of the Reformers as stated in the Augsburg Confession, Article XXI, "There is nothing [in our confession] that varies from the Scriptures, from the Church Catholic, or from the Church of Rome as known from its writers." Lutheran Liturgical Renewal, Inc., is dedicated to the production and distribution of materials that exhibit a catholic form of doctrine, liturgy, and ministry. from the masthead of the last published issue:
Volume XXIX, No. 4, AFTER PENTECOST, A.D. 2007

Friday of Reminiscere + St. Peter's Chair at Antioch + 22 February 2008

WELCOME to the blog for THE BRIDE OF CHRIST: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgical Renewal (BOC). This is a resurrection of the BOC Journal website which is dedicated to the publication of "The Bride of Christ" and Lutheran Liturgical Renewal. With the resurrection of this site it is our hope that THE BRIDE OF CHRIST will once again see publication, either as a published quarterly journal, or in a digital version, or both. To this end we are re-constructing the website and are offering a companion blog for the purpose of discussing issues related to the journal and Lutheran Liturgical Renewal. Miscellaneous articles, essays, etc. from past issues will be made available on the blog from time to time. We invite you to join us in the discussion and share your ideas and suggestions.

1. Providing a digital version of the journal.
2. Use of the journal as a print forum in connection to the annual St. Michael Liturgical Conference.
3. Call for papers - articles, papers, book reviews.
4. Additional suggestions.

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In Christ,
Rev. Timothy D. May

Monday, March 31, 2008

Announcement of Annual Meeting

Lutheran Liturgical Renewal, Inc.
C/o St. Augustine’s House
P. O. Box 125
Oxford, Michigan 48371

31. March, 2008
The Annunciation of Our Lord

TO: All Members of Lutheran Liturgical Renewal, Inc., and others who may be interested

FROM: The Rt. Rev. Aubrey N. Bougher, STS, President

RE: Announcement of Annual Meeting

Dear Colleagues and Friends:

Apostolic Greetings on this day within the Great 50 Days of Victory on which the Church rejoices in the faithful virgin Who received the Word of God and bore Him for us.

The annual meeting of Lutheran Liturgical Renewal, Inc., will be held at St. Augustine’s House, 3215 East Drahner Road, Oxford, Michigan, on Tuesday, May 6th, 2008 (St. Monica, transferred), beginning in the downstairs quarters of the House at or about 10:00 A.M. All who are registered as members are entitled to voice and vote. Those who are interested in becoming members may send or bring their annual fee of $10 prior to the call to order of the meeting. This notice is being sent to recent former members as well as others who may be interested, in the hope that all who might be interested might be able to be in attendance and participate in the meeting. The order of business will include those items specified in our by-laws for an annual meeting, and it is hoped that a discussion may take place about future plans. If you plan to stay for lunch, please notify Fr. Richard Herbel, our host, so that he may make adequate arrangements. Following the meeting, sext, and lunch, the Board of Directors will meet to conduct its necessary business.

I look forward to this meeting, and hope to be able to see you there.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

+ Aubrey N. Bougher (s)

(The Rt. Rev.) Aubrey N. Bougher, STS, S.T.D.,
President, LLR

Saturday, March 15, 2008


If you have any past issues of the journal The Bride of Christ that you would like to part with please let me know. We would like to form a complete, or as close to a complete, collection as possible. Thank you.