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Friday of Reminiscere + St. Peter's Chair at Antioch + 22 February 2008

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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Liturgy and the Economy

In society when the economy is the issue the economy becomes the issue. The economy is usually made the issue whenever an election rolls around (we see that it also helps to avoid other issues). In terms of the election this year the economy made its way forcefully into the spotlight.

The liturgy is concerned with the worship of the Holy Trinity by those who, in Christ, have a citizenship which is in heaven. The strength of the liturgy is also the cause of its greatest misunderstanding in this world. The great economic systems of the world seek to influence the liturgy in ways that best reflect their view of the world. On the one hand, attempts might be made to turn the liturgy into entertainment and worshipers into an audience. The pastor takes on the role of motivator. On the other hand, attempts might be made to turn the liturgy into a gathering to promote social and political issues. Here the pastor takes on the role of social revolutionary seeking justice. Both of these approaches, if and when they are allowed to influence and take precedence over the liturgy, do not appreciate the true focus and value of the liturgy.

For the Church the liturgy is the issue because here is where the economy of God's salvation for His people in Christ and His cross is worked out among His people. Here is where we are gathered by God so that He may distribute to us His gifts and we may offer up our sacrifices of thanksgiving to Him. In this liturgy the people are redeemed by Christ. They are made part of Christ's Body and strengthened in the one true faith. The worshipers are shaped by Word and Sacrament and participate in the divine life of forgiveness and salvation. Here the pastor remains in the God-given role of pastor.

In the divine economy the liturgy is the issue for it is concerned with the relationship God has with His people. It becomes especially so when it is taken away from its divine origins and divine focus and revised to cater to the felt needs of the consumers.

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