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Volume XXIX, No. 4, AFTER PENTECOST, A.D. 2007

Friday of Reminiscere + St. Peter's Chair at Antioch + 22 February 2008

WELCOME to the blog for THE BRIDE OF CHRIST: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgical Renewal (BOC). This is a resurrection of the BOC Journal website which is dedicated to the publication of "The Bride of Christ" and Lutheran Liturgical Renewal. With the resurrection of this site it is our hope that THE BRIDE OF CHRIST will once again see publication, either as a published quarterly journal, or in a digital version, or both. To this end we are re-constructing the website and are offering a companion blog for the purpose of discussing issues related to the journal and Lutheran Liturgical Renewal. Miscellaneous articles, essays, etc. from past issues will be made available on the blog from time to time. We invite you to join us in the discussion and share your ideas and suggestions.

1. Providing a digital version of the journal.
2. Use of the journal as a print forum in connection to the annual St. Michael Liturgical Conference.
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In Christ,
Rev. Timothy D. May

Friday, August 28, 2009

Looking Back - Holy Absolution (1992)

The following two images are copies of an article on Holy Absolution by the Rev. Arthur Carl Piepkorn. This article was reprinted in The Bride of Christ: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgical Renewal Volume XVI, No. 2 Resurrection 1992.

As promised, copied articles, essays, etc. from previous issues of The Bride of Christ will be shared via this forum under the heading "Looking Back." The articles chosen will be taken from issues from the earliest to the latest days of the journal and will reflect a wide variety of topics that have been addressed by the journal and her authors throughout the years.

As the editor of the journal, it is my hope that these reprints will help not only to catechize and encourage you and other Lutherans toward liturgical renewal in evangelical faithfulness to the catholic tradition but also spur future publication of the same journal.

In Christ,

Fr. Tim May

The Rev. Timothy D. May, Editor
The Bride of Christ: The Journal of Lutheran Liturgical Renewal

Holy Absolution
The Rev. Arthur Carl Piepkorn

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